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We organize best rehabilitation clinics and hospitals for addiction treatment

best hospitals for addiction rehabilitation

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Exclusive, Luxury and Private Treatment of Addictions and Disorders in Europe


Are you looking for the most exclusive and best hospitals for addiction rehabilitation or first class psychosomatic treatment in Europe? Are you looking for a unique place, in which you feel like at home, in combination with a competent private psychiatric and addiction treatment?


We arrange and connect you with the worlds most exclusive private hospitals for Psychiatric treatment and Drug Addiction treatment and Addiction rehabilitation in Europe.


Europe is famous and well known for best psychiatric treatment and the best treatment of mental disorders but also for best addiction treatment results. We organize for you the most exclusive, luxury center and hospital for psychiatry and addiction treatment in Europe. They are specialized in psychosomatic rehabilitation like for alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction or mental disorders.


Biomolecular and orthomolecular restoration therapies at the most exclusive, luxury and best Addiction Hospitals.


Their on-on-one therapy practice, with biomolecular restoration, is an individualized therapy program with no group therapies. They offer an individually therapy program by the entire team which consists of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, comprising doctors, counsellors and nutritionists.


Biomolecular Restoration for Recovery at the best hospitals for rehabilitation of

Drug addiction and Psychiatric Treatments

Traditional treatment centers using talk therapies and medications. However a lot of patients leaving these centers with unsolved problems like depressions, insomnia, anxiety or cravings. Not to mention the list of medications they got provided with.

Biomedical restoration is the missing link in most of conventional therapies but fundamental to lasting recovery.

Client’s biomedical and neurochemical imbalance is identified by a comprehensive laboratory analysis. Comprising micronutrients and amino acids, rebalances and corrects body chemistry and neurotransmitter imbalances.

best hospitals for addiction rehabilitation

Treatment Areas

Best Hospitals for Addiction Rehabiliation


Drug Addiction

Medication Addiction

Eating disorders


Anxiety disorders

Mental disorders


Trauma and Abuse

Sex and Love addiction

Burnout Syndrome

Pathological Gambling

Chronic pain

The initial treatment plan you get once you arrived to the hospital.

For any addiction treatment you will stay in a medical hospital for 7 days before you get shifted to the therapy center where you get the individually psychotherapies.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, don’t worry the psychiatrists are even experienced in what you are looking for and we appreciate your call or email. We provide you with the requested information after.

Cocaine addiction

Heroin addiction

Crystal Meth addiction

Oxycodone addiction

The best hospitals for addiction rehabilitation and psychiatry offers you exclusive, luxury residences.

6 star residences, stylish decorated and equipped with modern designer furnitures. You will have an absolute privacy, with an astonishing view to the Apls and a truly relaxing environment.

You will get a personal butler, gourmet chef, maid and driver … you will feel absolutely at home. Your driver will take for a tour in the Alps or for shopping if you can do so.

Privacy and Anonymity are priority to secure your stay. The therapeutic program is delivered in your private setting. The medical staff will work one-on-one during your stay with you.

Psychiatric psychosomatic hospitals
villa living psychiatric treatment Europe
Exclusive psychiatry treatment europe
Villa with pool - Psychiatric hospital
Best addiction center Europe
addiction treatment center europe
Exclusive addition treatment center
best Addiction hospital Europe
Exclusive addiction treatment center Europe


Butler service

When you arrive with a private jet, regular airline or by train, our chauffeur will welcome you with a Mercedes Benz S-Class and chauffeur you safe to the center or hospital for addition treatment, disorder treatment and psychiatry treatment. At the center the staff is waiting for you and prepared everything for your arrival.


But more so, we arrange all for you before you arrive. We work close with the staff of the psychiatric hospital to ensure all is going to be arranged at your arrival.

First Class and Exclusive Center for addiction treatment and disorders in Europe


Psychosomatic therapy, eating disorders, obesity, mental disorders, drug addiction,

alcohol addition, sex addition, gambling addiction, burnout, bipolar disorders and codependency.

Rehabilitation of Cocaine addiction  | Rehabilitation of Heroin addiction | Rehabilitation of Oxycodone addiction


“Celebrities, Businessmen and Businesswomen booked their treatment with us at Best Addiction Hospitals in Europe.”