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hip arthroplasty, total hip replacement surgery, artificial hip replacement and hip joint surgery in Germany


best hospitals for hip surgery in Germany



Well, German doctors are famous and well known when it comes the treatment of hip pain or hip surgery. Hence, they work at the best hospitals for hip surgery in Germany. Therefore, we offer the best doctors for hip pain and hip surgery in well selected” center of excellence” in Germany for procedures such as hip arthroplasty surgery and total hip replacement surgery but also for the treatment of hip pain.

Best hospitals for hip surgery in Germany

We connect you with best hip surgery hospitals and doctor i.e for hip cartilage surgery with stem cells and specialized rehabilitation after hip surgery.

Our cooperating hospitals and doctors using advanced technologies to give a precise and safe hip surgery. The approach will be from posterior which avoiding the risk of infection.

The approach will also be minimally invasive – Keyhole technique.

According to your age the specialist for hip surgery will decide if you will get a cemented or un-cemented hip implant. If you are young 45 years < you can get a full ceramic hip.

This means the hip cup and the hip ball will be made of ceramic. A ceramic transplanted hip will last longer than a metal / polyethylene hip.

medical treatment germany - artificial hip replacement surgery

You will get assistance by our professional patient management service and we will ensure you will meet an appropriate hip expert according to your medical need of hip treatment in Germany.

Hip surgery or artificial hip replacement surgery is very large field. The hip surgeons, we will guide you to, are experienced and specialized in the treatment of hip’s in particular.

Patients can expect well experienced and skilled orthopedic doctors for hip surgery and artificial hip replacement surgery in Germany. Therefore our network contains the best Hospitals for hip surgery in Germany and this enables us to offer our professional hospital service.

Medical indications:


Treatment of hip pain

Hip surgery in Germany

Arthroscopy of the hip

Cartilage treatment with stem cells (Degenerated cartilage of the hip joint)

Treatment of hip arthritis

Total hip joint replacement surgery

(Cemented or un-cemented hip replacement surgeries)

Artificial hip joint surgery in Germany

Minimally invasive hip surgery in Germany

Treatment with stem cells (hip arthrosis)

Hip arthroplasty surgery

Stem cell treatment in Germany

Hip bursitis treatment

Find best Hospitals for hip surgery in Germany

Avoid Artificial Hip Replacement Surgery by Stem Cell Transplantation in Germany!

Minimally invasive approach !


Basically the hip surgeons in Germany are skilled to perform your artificial hip joint replacement surgery by a minimally invasive hip surgery procedure (keyhole surgery).

Therefore, in the most cases no external or additional rehabilitation is needed after your left the hospital. (Depends on the age and condition of the patient!)

Cemented or un-cemented hip replacement surgeries !

Polyethylen / Metal

Artificial Polyethylen and metal hip joint replacment


You will get a hip cup inlay made of Polyethylen and a hip shaft made of Titanium.

Ceramic / Polyethylen

Artifical ceramic and polyethylen hip replacment joint


A hip cup inlay made of ceramic and a hip shaft ball made of Polyethylen.

Ceramic / Ceramic

Artificial ceramic and ceramic hip joint replacement


The hip cup inlay made of Ceramic and a hip shaft ball made of Ceramic.

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According to your health situation we evaluate exactly best hospitals and doctors you need and we discuss your case individually.

3.) Receive the cost estimate


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4.) Book your Hospital


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