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Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation inGermany


Find leading and the best hospitals for rehabilitation

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Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation in Germany


Are you looking for high quality hospital for rehabilitation in Germany? Or you had any knee and hip joint surgery, ACL surgery, Shoulder surgery or spine surgery and you would like to book a top qualified rehabilitation treatment for? Or you need special rehabilitation treatment at the neurology department for rehabilitation because you got a brain stroke or brain bleeding to gain your functions back?


SURGICAL EXPERTS connects you with the best Rehabilitation Hospitals in Germany.

Germany is famous and well known for rehabilitation treatments by various of therapies in orthopedics, neurology and pediatrics and with us will get best specialized rehabilitation hospitals. Because Surgical Experts maintains best contacts to rehabilitation centers & hospitals since more than 10 years.


Best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany


We think it is more important to book the right center or hospital for orthopedic rehabilitation or for neurological rehabilitation. Be aware of, there can be big differences in they way of how they are treating patients.

We assist you with our professional patient management service in booking one of the best hospital for rehabilitation in Germany according to your needs. But also with focus at your financial possibilities.

Experienced physiotherapists, ergo therapists and doctors for rehabilitation medicine will treat you with all their experiences and skills.

After a knee and hip replacement surgery or after a ACL reconstruction surgery, it is very important to get professional rehabilitation, like offered at specialized centers for rehabilitations treatments.

Especially if you had a brain stroke or children with disabilities needs high quality rehabilitation at one of the specialized centers for a good improvement.

Best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany

Best rehabilitation hospitals Germany

Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Walking training

Speech therapy, Electrotherapy, Magnetic field therapy

Water therapy, Manual therapy


Rehabilitation especially for brain stroke or brain bleeding

Orthopedic Rehabilitation treatment after hip replacement

Orthopedic Rehabilitation treatment after knee replacement

After ACL reconstruction (Knee ligament surgery)

Rehabilitation treatment after spinal surgery

Conventional Rehabilitation treatment for spine pain

After accidental injuries

Neuro-rehabilitation after stroke (Stroke treatment)

Rehabilitation treatment for neurology and orthopedics

Find the Center for Rehabilitation in Germany

We organize following rehabilitation hospitals

Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Neurology Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation “Made in Germany!”, means you receive professional treatments for rehabilitation by top experienced, skilled and trained physiotherapists. The experts for rehabilitation are top educated specialists for physiotherapy, manual therapy or ergotherapy, who work hand in hand with the doctors for rehabilitation medicine.


Especially if you received a joint replacement surgery, ligament surgery or spine surgery a professional therapists for rehabilitation treatment in Germany will help to get back on feet soon.

The best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany are under special control by doctors who are educated and trained in rehabilitation treatment. Together with their skilled physiotherapists they are prepare an individual treatment plan for the patients.

Depending on the  patient’s situation, the patient receive the needed rehabilitation and therapies i.e. physiotherapies, manual therapies, walking training, massage, ergotherapies, lymphdrainage massage, etc.

Leading rehabilitation hospitals Germany

How to request a quote and book

4 simple steps you book best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany

1.) Contact us


Contact us by email or phone and send us your medical treatment request and reports

2.) We identify your Hospital


According to your health situation we identify exactly the hospital for rehabilitation you need and we will discuss your case individually.

3.) Receive our Cost Estimate


You will get a detailed cost estimate and a presentation of one of the best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany.

4.) Book your Hospital


Once you decided which one of best hospitals for rehabilitation in Germany you want to book, we send you the service order and start to arrange all.