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Emergency Air Ambulance Service Germany

emergency air ambulance service

Air Emergency Flights Germany – Flight Ambulance Service Germany


medevac flight germany

Air Ambulance Service to Germany and medevac flight to Germany unrestricted and fast. We offer a fast and reliable organization of needed flight ambulance or emergency air ambulance flight worldwide to Germany or back home from Germany to your home country.

Benefit from our price comparisons out of 30 aircraft provides with professional medical crew.

As a strong leader in the field of patient management and transfer services we are able to offer complete service packages. We are offering a bedside to bedside support with a professional medical team. The ambulance car will pick up a patient at the hospital of origin and deliver the patient to the receiving hospital in Germany. But we are also offering a back transfer by the air ambulance service from Germany to patient’s home country.

The aircrafts are fully equipped with the latest medical technology for ensuring a controlled medical flight of the patient.

These aircrafts are fully equipped with state of the art medical technology, and staffed with highly qualified medical staff, so that patients who needs medical treatment or been injured all over the world can be treated and transported by air ambulance flight as fast as possible to Germany.

air ambulance flight service Germany

Emergency Air Ambulance Service Germany


Some examples you might in need for air ambulance flight or medevac service:

Dubai – Germany, Abu Dhabi – Germany, Riyadh – Germany, Jeddah – Germany, Manama – Germany, Kuwait – Germany, Doha – Germany, Cairo – Germany, Alexandria – Germany, Moscow – Germany, Almaty – Germany, Kiev – Germany, YOUR PLACE – Germany

  • ACCIDENT – BRAIN INJURY: Injured patients after car accidents and brain damage who needs Medevac flight
  • STROKE: Patients after brain stroke who needs qualified followup at stroke unit needs air ambulance Germany
  • CANCER: Treatment of cancer at specialized cancer hospital transported by our air ambulance service
  • HEART ATTACK: Patients who needs fast medical care at specialized heart hospital and air ambulance flight
  • ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION: Patients for organ transplantation who needs quick medical care by air ambulance Germany flight
  • NON-EMERGENCY AIR AMBULANCE: Patients who won’t be accepted on a regular flight because of the health situation
  • REPATRIATION AMBULANCE FLIGHT: Germany-Saudi Arabia, Germany-Dubai, Germany-Abu Dhabi, Germany-Manama, Germany-Doha, Germany-Kuwait, Germany-Cairo, Germany-Moscow, Germany-YOUR PLACE. (We are not operating flights to Iraq, Libya or Syria at the moment).

Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quotation for your air emergency flight to Germany. We have more than 30 flight operator in our network.


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