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Patient testimonials

patient testimonials surgical experts

Patient Testimonials


We offer you a comprehensive service. Our Hospital Service is tailored according to your individual medical needs. We identify and select the best doctors whom are top experienced and skilled. We also arrange affordable treatments and surgeries in Germany.

We got a large number of patient testimonials. To show them all here would explode the website. But we are ready to connect you with our happy patients who left their patient testimonial at any time.

We are proud being recognized as the company which delivers a unique patient service and connects the patient with the doctors directly.

See as following some of our patients and their story:

patient testimonials surgical experts

Prince Sultan Al-Faisal Al-Saud

HRH Sultan Al-Faisal Al-Saud, Saudi-Arabia


Have been recommended to Surgical Experts and booked a knee check with an orthopedic doctor for my mother and a health check for me. The selection of Surgical Experts of the doctors has been very professional. We are booking again if we need some further doctors in Germany.

ACL reconstruction surgery Germany

Fawaz Al-Talib, Al-Khobar, Saudi-Arabia


After I had 2 failed knee surgeries of my ACL in Saudi-Arabia, I have been referred to Surgical Experts. All went very fast and my doctor was one of the best I could every met. The team of Surgical Experts organized for me all before I arrived to Munich. They also arranged my rehabilitation I needed after surgery. If you want a top company I recommend to contact Surgical Experts.

ACL knee reconstruction surgery germany

Alexander Rykov, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Once it was clear my ACL ligament was cut I decided to have my knee surgery in Germany. I found Surgical Experts and they arranged my knee surgery with a real top orthopedic doctor I have to say. All went very quick and I was really satisfied with the service of Surgical Experts. Thanks.

patient testimonials surgical experts

Prof. Sherif Sabry, Egypt


We are recommending and sending patients from Egypt to Surgical Experts frequently to get the treatment of our patients in Germany arranged. We have been satisfied every time we sent some patient. They arrange the doctors our patients needs and even stay on the budget of the patient. It’s our pleasure working with Surgical Experts.

Shoulder surgery Germany

Mansour Al-Othman, Al-Khobar, Saudi-Arabia


“I suffered from shoulder dislocation, after I had my first surgery in Saudi-Arabia. My shoulder still was dislocating 3 to 4 times after. Surgical Experts arranged the leader in arthoscopic shoulder surgery for me and now 6 month after the surgery I’m very happy with the results. If you want to get a real good doctor for your medical problem, call these guys.”

patient testimonials surgical experts

Maged Shehata, Cairo, Egypt


“We needed a good rehabilitation hospital for orthopedics for my sister, as there was no professional center in Cairo available. After we contact Surgical Experts they arranged exactly what we expected. They also helped us a lot during the stay of my sister in Germany as I had go back to Egypt and my sister had to see another hospital. I highly recommend Surgical Experts as a competent company.”

Prince Khalid Saud Al-Faisal

HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Al-Saud, Saudi-Arabia


I have been in big spine on a Friday evening in Munich and found Surgical Experts. They helped me immediately and organized pain drugs to over come the weekend. On Monday all went very quick and by Tuesday I had been operated by an excellent spine surgeon. Thanks for your fast and competent service.

Eye surgery Germany

Sheikh Said Mohamed, Tanzania


I had an acid attack in 2013. I needed doctors from several specialities. Surgical Experts brought me to the doctors who help me.  Since 3 years now, I have to see my doctors in Munich 2-3 times a year. The team of Surgical Experts provides me the same good service as every time. They became big friends to me already. Thank you very much for all.

Al-Zuraiq Rashid

Total Hip Replacement

Rashid Al-Zuraiq, Saudi-Arabia


Spine Surgery

Faysal Abdelkader, Egypt

How to request a quote

4 simple steps & how we arrange your hospital and your treatment in Germany

1.) Contact us


Contact us by email or phone and send us your medical treatment request and reports

2.) We select your Doctor


According to your health situation we select exactly the doctor and hospitals you need and we will discuss your case individually.

3.) Receive the cost estimate


You will get a detailed cost estimate and we present you your doctor included his qualifications.

4.) Arrival to Germany


Once you decided which doctor and hospital you want to book, we send you the invitation letter and start to arrange all for your coming and treatment.