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Safe “Total Knee Replacement Surgery” in Germany


When it comes to a single knee replacement surgery in Germany, you should be aware of the experiences and skills of the orthopedic doctor and knee joint surgeon, who will perform your total knee joint replacement surgery in Germany.

We don’t want to explain how a total knee joint replacement surgery works. This issue should be left in the hands of the orthopedic doctor or knee surgeon, who will preform your total artificial knee joint replacement surgery in Germany.

We can tell you, which implants and techniques for an artificial knee replacement surgery or for a partial artificial knee replacement surgery will be used by the knee surgery experts in Germany, we connect you with.

We guide and lead you to some of the best German orthopedic doctors and knee surgeons for your total knee replacement surgery in Germany.

SURGICAL EXPERTS is cooperating since more than 10 years with excellent doctor for knee replacement surgery whom are very experienced. We can give you even some patient testimonials who had a single knee replacement surgery at top German orthopedic hospitals and clinics. We also consider your budget.

total knee replacement surgery


What causes a knee replacement surgery or makes it necessary to undergo?

Untreated knee osteoarthritis can lead to a total loss of the knee joint. The outlook after early treatment is very bright even without surgery.

If the osteoarthritis has occurred simply because of old age, additional measures will be taken to alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition. Knee osteoarthritis, which can rapidly deteriorate, must first be treated by eliminating the causes of the condition.

Weight reduction is an important therapeutic recommendation, if you are overweight. Physical therapy should also be undertaken to help strengthen muscles around the knee.

Surgery may be required in cases of severe cartilage degradation. Depending on the stage of the disease, cartilage may be able to be transplanted or the entire joint may have to be replaced.

If the knee osteoarthritis is severe, a total knee replacement surgery might be necessary at a top hospital for.

total knee replacement surgery


Patient testimonials – Knee joint replacement surgery:


We have a lot of patient testimonials. Patients who had a knee replacement surgery in Germany. They booked our hospital service to get their treatment organized.

Some of our patients couldn’t walk anymore due to pain in their knee.

When they received a total knee replacement surgery or artificial knee replacement surgery, at one of the top German hospitals, they have been very satisfied.

It is very important to receive a professional rehabilitation after your knee arthroplasty to keep the muscles around the knee joint tight.

After a total knee replacement surgery you will see top special hospitals and centers for orthopedic rehabilitation in where you will receive daily physiotherapy and other therapies. The goal is to get you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Germany:

As part of a knee arthroplasty, the severely damaged bone surfaces are removed and resurfaced using titanium replacement parts. If the knee ligaments have not deteriorated to a high degree, they can be left in place and will continue to work with the patient’s new joint. The artificial joint that is selected for each case depends on many factors, including bone quality and gender. This type of knee replacement procedure can help to stop pain, increase mobility and improve the patient’s quality of life. Our orthopedic surgeons using per example hip endoprosthesis from Stryker.

knee replacement surgery germany

Total Knee arthroplasty in Germany – In the hospital:

Well trained and educated nursing stuff will take care of you after your total knee replacement surgery. You can get even a 2 bed room, as one of your family members can stay with you. The hospital admission time for a knee replacement surgery Germany is between 7 to 10 days. While you are admitted, you also will receive physiotherapy and walking training on next day.

knee replacement surgery germany

What happens after?


Artificial or total knee replacement surgery in Germany: rehabilitation & recuperation:


You will see an advanced center or hospital for rehabilitation treatment for 3-4 weeks. Rehabilitation treatment in Germany means you will receive therapies after your artificial knee joint surgery by high qualified physiotherapists to regain muscles around your knee and in your upper and lower leg.


Due to the time you are lying in the bed after your knee replacement surgery your muscles will shrink and the power in your leg will be less than before. Therefor you have to see a specialized hospital for rehabilitation in which you will receive daily therapies like physiotherapy, manual therapy, lymphdrainage massage (against the swellings), leg bending therapies, etc.

total knee replacement surgery

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We are able offering to you many doctors for a total knee arthroplasty  at best hospitals. We are always focused at the current situation of the patient’s knee. Therefore we consult 2-3 doctors to get their opinion but also to compare the costs for you.

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