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More and more people are suffering from their excessive body weight. With a body mass index of over 30, experts speak of obesity or, as it is also called, obesity. The reasons for this are very different.In the field of slender surgery, we will inform you about the current possibilities to achieve a significant weight loss through a surgical procedure. A gastric bypass, a gastric band, stomach baloon or a gastric pacemaker can also achieve the desired result as the so-called Biliopancreatic Diversion.

With Surgical Experts you find the best weight loss surgery hospitals in Germany which are certified competence centers for bariatric surgery and obesity surgery. Hence, they are characterized by the fact that they perform a wide range of different surgical procedures in bariatric and obesity such like: gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band.

We will inform you about the different operating methods as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with them. Methods such as e.g. the stomach balloon, which can effect a significant weight reduction without surgery and the associated general anesthesia, are offered by us.

Find the Best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Lab-Band or Gastric Band

Find the best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany - Lap band

Laparoscopically, ie over only a few small abdominal sections of a few centimeters size, the Lab-Band or gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach and the reservoir is placed under the skin. The Lab-Band can be adjusted from outside via the reservoir without any further operation. It divides the precaution from the residual stomach and thus acts restrictively, thus restricts the intake of food and leads to a faster feeling of saturation over the stretching of the premonition.

One advantage of the Lab-Band is certainly the fact that no irreversible alteration is made to the digestive tract. That is, the intervention can be reversed. The adjustability of the belt of the Lab-Band also offers the possibility to respond to changing weight situations or even health changes very individually.

The gastric band has experienced a regular boom in Germany over the last ten years. After frequent complications associated mainly with the slipping of the band and the ingrowth of the band into the digestive tract, many treatment centers and clinics have rejected the method or are only using it very rarely.

Find the Best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Stomach Bypass / Gastric Bypass

Stomach Bypass - Weight Loss Surgery Germany

The laparoscopic gastric bypass or stomach bypass is one of the most widespread and established methods of achieving a significant weight reduction through surgery. The gastric bypass is performed laparoscopically (key hole surgery).

Here, similar to the gastric sleeve, the stomach is significantly reduced, so the much less food can be absorbed. Unlike the Gastric Sleeve or Sleeve Gastrectomy, however, the residual stomach is not completely removed in the gastric bypass but remains in the body and produces digestive juices. In addition, the small intestine is bypassed (by-pass), so that food and digestive juices can only be mixed in the small intestine. Therefore, some of the calories (fats and sugars) can not be digested, but leaves the body with the stool again.

In the case of gastric bypass, there is a reduced possibility of absorption of the body for sugar, fats and also other food ingredients, which leads to weight loss. At the same time, however, many of the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements of the organism can be reduced by this operative measure.

There are also different methods of this method, which usually differ in the length of the different small intestinal regions (snares). But the size of the reduced stomach (pouches) can also vary.

Find the Best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Mini Stomach Bypass

Find the best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany - Mini Gastric Bypass

It is a variant of the laparoscopic performed gastric bypass and also a combined restrictive-malabsorptive procedure.

The advantage of a mini-gastric bypass is a shorter operating time and risk reduction due to the saving of a seam joint as opposed to the Roux Y bypass and possibly a stronger weight loss. Critics argue that there is an increased risk of ulceration and possibly the long-term course of carcinoma in the seam joint between the stomach and the small intestine caused by the contact between bile juice and gastric mucosa. However, this assumption, based on decades of experience in gastric surgery, has not yet been demonstrated in the medium-term follow-up periods.

The mini-gastric bypass differs from conventional gastric bypass in that a slightly larger gastric pouch is formed, which is then connected to the jejunum 200 to 250 cm after its start. For this, the small intestine must not be severed. The feeding passage thus bypasses parts of the stomach, the twins, and the first 200 to 250 cm small intestine.

Because of the problems described, our centers of obesity practice a modified method which prevents contact between biliary fluid and gastric mucosa.

Find the Best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany

Stomach Balloon /Gastric Balloon

Find the best Weight Loss Surgery Hospitals in Germany - Stomach balloon

An established method is the stomach balloon, which can cause a significant weight reduction without surgery and the associated general anesthesia.

Without surgical intervention, the stomach balloon is introduced into the stomach through an oral and pharyngeal procedure. A portion of the stomach, enriched with saline solution, is filled. This results in a faster saturation feeling.

A stomach balloon treatment can be a suitable remedy to lose weight already at middle overweight (BMI 28, calculate your BMI). A weight reduction can also be achieved with a high overweight. It should be pointed out that the success of this system depends very much on the motivation of the patients to adopt a healthier and more balanced diet during the “wearing” period of the balloon.

We often use a new adjustable stomach balloon system with one year Liegedauer. With this procedure, we have the greatest experience nationwide.

Due to the lower dwell time, the eating behavior must be changed significantly faster. Also, the shorter length of the balloon usually results in a lower weight loss.

Adjustable fill level with already placed stomach balloon.

This means that you can always adjust the amount of saline solution in the balloon with an endoscopy at any time, thus adapting the balloon exactly to your situation. Only when you get used to the balloon in the stomach, the filling quantity is readjusted.

Anchor system
With this device, the stomach balloon cannot “go off” into the intestine during leaking and cause an intestinal obstruction.

Length of stay
This stomach balloon can remain in the stomach not only for 6 but for 12 months, thus allowing a higher weight loss, in combination with continuous nutritional advice and ongoing consultations.