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We organize the best hospitals for orthopedics in Germany

best orthopedic hospitals germany
Best hospitals for knee surgery in Germany
best hip surgery hospitals Germany

Find the best orthopedic hospitals in Germany with SURGICAL EXPERTS. German doctors are famous and well known in orthopedic treatments and orthopedic surgery. With us you will get experienced and skilled orthopedic doctors at best orthopedic hospitals Germany.  You should know the doctors for orthopedics are certified and at best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

There is a big amount of best orthopedic hospitals in Germany available. Therefore, it is good to have a company like us, because you will save a lot of time in searching your hospital for orthopedics. Hence, we can offer you well selected hospital out of our network of best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

Even so, we are knowing the experience and the skills of our cooperating orthopedic doctors in person. Special “Centers of Excellence for orthopedics” welcomes you if you need hip surgery , knee surgery, shoulder surgery, ankle joint surgery, hand or wrist surgery or spine surgery in Germany.

In general, we think it is more important to meet the right orthopedic doctor, rather than to find an orthopedic hospital in Germany. Because there can be big differences in doctor’s skills. That’s why our service can help you to avoid mistakes and saving a lot of money. If you never have been in Germany, take a tour here: GERMANY


“We arrange for you best orthopedic hospitals in Germany – All according to your medical requirements.”

We assist you with our professional patient management service to meet the appropriate orthopedic doctor or surgeon, according to the need of your orthopedic treatment at one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.


We organize best orthopedic hospitals in Germany

Orthopedics is very large field thus our cooperating orthopedic doctors are very experienced and specialized in treatment of knee, hip, pelvis, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot, ankle joint and spine.


Best Doctor for orthopedics in Germany


Basically orthopedics don’t mean always surgery. Therefore, orthopedic treatment also can mean you will receive conservative treatment like physiotherapy, ergo therapy, magnetic field therapy, electrotherapy, massage, injections etc. to prevent you from surgery i.e.

See videos of orthopedic surgeries here

Find and Book the Best Orthopedic Hospitals in Germany with SURGICAL EXPERTS

German doctors counting to the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in the world. Per instance here in Germany you can find one the best knee surgeon in the world. However, we believe if you search best orthopedic doctor near me you might find some good doctors as well.

Nevertheless, we concentrate on the greatest orthopaedic surgeons who work at the best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

Orthopedic Procedures at best orthopedic hospitals in Germany:


Physiotherapy for knee pain

Hip surgery and conservative treatment

Replacement surgery of the hip

PCL Knee ligament surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Surgery

Bilateral hip replacement surgery

Hand surgery

Foot surgery

Ankle joint surgery

Bilateral knee replacement surgery

Shoulder surgery (Minimally invasive)

Muscle and ligament treatment

Stem cell treatment (arthritis etc.)

Total knee replacement surgery

Minimally invasive  hip arthroplasty surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Spine surgery 

Who is the best orthopedic surgeon in Germany?


We can recommend the best orthopedic surgeon in Germany if you let us know what kind of orthopedic surgery you require.

What is the best hospital for orthopedic surgery?


If you let us know what kind of orthopedic surgery you require, we can suggest the best hospital for orthopedics in Germany.

Which country is best for orthopaedic surgery?


In our opinion, Germany is the best place in the world for orthopedic procedures and treatments. As a result, Germany has more than 850 orthopedic clinics.

Popular Orthopedic Treatments & Packages

we organize at the best hospitals for orthopedics in Germany

How to request a quote and book

4 simple steps to book one of the best hospitals

1.) Contact us 


Contact us by email or phone and send us your medical treatment request and reports

2.) We select your hospital


According to your orthopedic health situation we can offer you exactly the hospital you need and we will discuss your case individually.

3.) Receive the cost estimate


You will get a detailed cost estimate and we present you the best orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

4.) Book your Hospital


Once you decided which hospital you want to book, we send you the service order and start to arrange all.