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 Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Germany

total hip replacement surgery

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Minimally invasive artificial “Total Hip Replacement Surgery”


More and more people are suffering from hip disorders, which result in serious symptoms and can limit the mobility tremendously. An artificial hip replacement surgery as a procedure has become standard in orthopedic surgery, and is performed almost 220,000 times annually in Germany.

When it comes to a total hip replacement surgery, you should be aware of the experiences and skills of the orthopedic doctor and hip joint surgeon, who will perform the hip replacement surgery in Germany. We don’t want to explain how a artificial hip replacement surgery works in general. This issue should be left in the hands of the orthopedic doctor or hip surgeon, who will preform the hip arthroplasty in Germany.

We guide and connect you with leading German orthopedic doctors and German hip surgeons  for a high quality total hip replacement surgery. They perform between 250 and 400 artificial hip replacement surgeries a year. We are able to provide you even some patient testimonials who had artificial hip replacement surgery in Germany arranged by our Hospital Service.

Get your hip arthroplasty arranged through our professional Hospital Service. The price for a single hip joint replacement surgery at top orthopedic hospital for starts at 13.500.-€

total hip replacement surgery


What causes a total hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty and when it will be necessary to go for?


“Hip avascular necrosis”  can cause the need of a total hip joint replacement surgery in Germany.

“The hip avascular necrosis” is a destruction of the femoral head.

Avascular necrosis of the hip is a common disease in which bone tissue dies in the area of the femoral head. This can lead to massive movement impairment and serious complications.

Femoral hip avascular necrosis is undoubtedly a serious disease that can completely destroy the hipbone in the worst cases.

The type of treatment will depend on the degree of the disease. The so-called Pridie drilling is intended to stimulate cartilage regeneration. If the bone exhibits deformities, these may be addressed during surgery.

If the hip necrosis is severe, a total hip replacement surgery might be necessary.

hip replacement surgery germany


What can cause a total hip replacement surgery or total hip arthroplasty and when it will be necessary to go for?


“Hip arthritis (Hip coxarthrosis)” can cause the need of a total hip replacement surgery in Germany.

Hip arthritis (Hip coxarthrosis) is defined as increasing wear and tear on the hip joint. Hip pain and reduced mobility characterize this condition.

Hip arthritis (hip coxarthrosis) is a serious disease that will continue to progress and greatly reduce the quality of life for patients without treatment.

There are many ways to treat hip arthritis. These depend on the progression of the disease. With the help of drugs, pain relief can be provided.

An advanced case of hip coxarthrosis may need to be treated surgically. In most cases, a hip arthroscopy is performed to remove damaged cartilage.

If the hip arthritis (hip coxarthrosis) is severe a artificial hip replacement surgery in Germany might be necessary.

hip arthroplasty



Patient testimonial who received a hip replacement surgery or total hip arthroplasty in Germany:


Many patient testimonials are available, of patients who had a total hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty  in Germany already. We arranged for the patients top orthopedic doctors for hip surgery by our Hospital Service.

Some of the patients who contacted us couldn’t walk anymore due to heavy pain in their hips.

But after they received the artificial hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty in Germany they have been happy and very satisfied after.


It is very important to receive a professional rehabilitation after a total hip replacement surgery or artificial hip replacement surgery to keep the muscles around the hip joint tight.

In some cases there is no need for any rehabilitation as our hip experts might perform the hip surgery minimally invasive without damaging the muscle.

Types of hip prosthetics procedures of a top German hip surgery hospitals

Total hip arthoplasty with a Cement less hip prosthesis

In this hip replacement surgery, the titanium components of the prosthesis are anchored directly onto the bone during surgery. After preparation with special instruments, the prosthesis is clamped into the bone, where it “heals” into the bone. Modern procedures generally ensure that the leg can be exposed to stress, which was not the case many years ago.

Surgical Experts is able to connect with top hip surgeon who is experienced to perform the “cement-free” total hip replacement surgery as a “minimally invasive! procedure”

Cemented hip prosthesis

If the bone is too weak to provide sufficient stability for a cement-free prosthesis, due to the age of the patient or as a result of specific diseases, the prosthesis will be anchored with so-called bone cement. The bone is also stabilized from the inside in order to reduce the risk of a break of the prosthesis.

To achieve the best treatment option for the patient, a so-called hybrid total hip arthroplasty, cemented and cement-free prosthetics are combined.

Types of hip prosthetics implants

used at top German hospital for hip arthroplasty

hip replacement surgery germany

Titanium / Polyethylen

Ceramic / Polyethylen

Ceramic / Ceramic

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